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As a reminder, we do all of our giveaways like this to make sure everything is legal and fair to readers. We track entries through this form below and by tracking it through social media.

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You can read more about the importance of social media and giveaways in this post we did a few years ago.
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Here’s another reason why I’m doing this…..

My e-mail is so full every day that I have a hard time keeping up. But sprinkled in those e-mails, I do get lists of promo code Amazon deals from sellers who want their deals known.

I’ve been publishing a list weekly and sending it out via e-mail and the response has been Ah-Mazing! Like I knew I liked Amazon Deals just as much as the next guy, but I didn’t think this would be my most popular post each week!

During this past Christmas shopping season, I’ve actually sent out three e-mails a week updating this list and again – the response has been WOWZA! So much money was saved on Christmas gifts this year because of these promo codes!

If these codes are so popular now, and so many people are finding deals on Amazon that they would never be able to find elsewhere, well then I just have to get it out there to more people that this can be a great resource for them as well.Christmas Giveaway

When Update Amazon promo codes 2022

Here’s this week’s list for you to get on these deals now!! (I update it each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.)
I send out a list that varies between 30-100 deals, all with promo codes for 30%-70% off. These promo codes are not advertised on the Amazon page – so there is not an easy way to know that these items are actually on sale. But I can give you the inside scoop!

There are just three ways to enter this giveaway:
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