MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats – Get free Units Hack that work

There are many mobile games related to marvel these days. However, there is no one who can shake the No one position of the MARVEL Contest of Champions game so far. It is a contest game developed by Kabam company. This game has been on the market for more than three years. Yet, the popularity still increases every day! In a contest of champions, you build a Marvel team to fight against the villains. You can team up with your favorite marvel heroes (such as Captain of America) to help your champions fight! It is a good tactic to have a working MARVEL Contest of Champions hack to help your gameplay! So please pay attention to the below guide!


Six useful tips and cheats help you beat your champions enemies quickly

Learn about the heroes’ class – Hero’s class matters a lot in contest fight. If your hero belongs to a class which is weaker than others, then you will suffer more damage in the fight. So when building your marvel team, you’d better put class factor as the first priority.

Try to make combo attacks as many as you can – Combo attack does have good impact in your fighting. On one hand, it will boost the damage of you enemies. On the other hand, once your hero release a combo attack, he/she will get more synergy bonus (including health boost, energy boost, etc) in the end.

Take the story quest as your first task – There are many events and tasks in this game. You need to figure out which one you should proceed firstly, so that you can save lots of time and energy. Story quests are the main quests in contest of champions. Once you complete this quest, you will get energy point as your main reward. Other events and quests are more difficult. So you should follow story quest firstly.

Farming units and crystals at the same time – Some players have no clue how to farm more units and crystal in the game. They only know to get them from the in-app store. In fact, the most directly way to farm them is take part in the monthly event. However, if you can’t win that event, you get nothing. We usually make use of MARVEL Contest of Champions hack to farm free units and crystals in the game at the same time. It’s a good tool to save our money and time.

Level up your hero one by one – If you have not enough resource to upgrade all your heroes. We recommend you level up them one by one. First, you should level up your high-rank hero, then the second one. In such way, you will get all your heroes upgrade slowly but steady.

Bring more potions before each fight – You can’t make sure you can defeat every enemy without injury. That’s why you need to bring potions into your inventory. Especially when you are dealing with difficult quests, you’d better bring potions as many as you can.



After a decade of following the cinematic universe of Marvel, Thanos the Mad Titan has arrived on earth with the intention of collecting all the infinity stones. The Avengers: Infinity War is the most important and momentous event in the history of superhero cinema, which is being felt at all levels. All the official videogames from Marvel have been updated to follow the events of the latest movie.

MARVEL Contest of Champions

The game from Kabam is currently the most important of all the games that use the official license. Its latest update has added a new mission called Infinity Nightmare which will be activated on May 2. We’ll also see a new game mode called Infinity Dungeons with the main appeal being the endless combats, so the more you advance, the better the reward. Plus, four new Thanos lieutenants are already available, along with new versions of some heroes with the same look they have in the film

Marvel Future Fight

The beat’em up from Netmarble just turned three years old and to celebrate, it’s released its version 4.0 with its main change being 10 new character skins to have them match the characters in the latest movie. Characters like Iron Man, Captain America, and Spider-Man have a new look and powers that they can try out in the new legendary battle where you get to fight against members of Thanos’ Black Order.

Marvel Strike Force

It’s been less than a month since its official release, but the RPG Marvel Strike Force already has its first big important update with its version 1.1. They’ve added Thanos and other characters are coming soon like Vision and Doctor Strange. New events, three new raids, and two new environments are just some of the content to be revealed over the next few days

Marvel Avengers Academy

This wonderful rarity provides an alternative universe where all the Marvel heroes are teenagers and go to school together. This wacky sim is updated with the arrival of Thanos who’s goal it is to cause trouble around campus. New characters along with a new and wild storyline is what you’ll find in its latest update.


Marvel Puzzle Quest

The match 3 with the official Marvel license is the oldest game of all the ones mentioned. Even with five years under its belt, it’s still releasing new content. The most recent event gave us a new 5-star version of Captain America with his new Vibranium shield, which precedes several changes that will be unlocked in the next few weeks.

Marvel Spider-Man Unlimited

The only game of the ones mentioned that’s not completely open to the Marvel Universe, but instead, the spider-verse which is rich and intricate on its own. Given that Peter Parker plays an important role in Infinity War, this connection is reflected to a certain point in the game, in addition to being able to unlock the Iron Spider suit.




Although we have summarizes some helpful MARVEL Contest of Champions cheats in this post, you still need to dig deeper in the game to discover more secret and hidden tricks. So that you can always keep the NO one ranking in the Contest Champions lists!