How to get rid of varicose veins: I have found a remedy that no one talks about on TV


It started with a harmless vascular network that appeared in the first trimester of pregnancy. My belly grew and my weight too. By the way, in that time she had put on a lot of weight: 20 kilos. It was hard for me to move. My legs were sore and swollen and, around the time of delivery, they were covered in a network of blue-brown veins that made me want to play noughts and crosses.


The doctor I trusted told me that they were varicose veins and that all pregnant women suffered from them. That is our female physiology. It’s just that the ointments he recommended to me didn’t help at all. The effect was weak. The pain subsided with the compression stockings, but not for long. My veins were still swollen.

When my Diego was born, I had to put aside my illnesses. My son was very restless, my husband was at work and I was sick to death. The baby gave me no respite at all, he was always in my arms. After he grew up, he started to crawl and it became even more difficult. Before you know it, he’s already testing the litter in the kitty litter box or trying on his dad’s shoes. I used to spend the day from one place to another and at night I could hardly move.

I couldn’t sleep at night, doubled over in pain, as if my legs were being cauterized with a hot iron. And if we didn’t go for a walk in the park, I couldn’t fall asleep because of guilt. What kind of mother is this… incomplete.

Back then I didn’t have a single skirt in my wardrobe, although my figure even allowed me to wear a mini (I quickly got back in shape, thanks to genetics and my active son). I was terribly ashamed of my legs, which were covered in knots and blue bumps, and I hid them under my pants.

As expected, the clinic did not give me any good news. I stopped taking care of myself… My veins were in bad shape. The doctor said that he had to go to the hospital to have the varicose nodules removed. And after the operation, you have to hope for a miracle. Because there are no guarantees. A relapse can happen at any time.

With that perspective the world came crashing down on me. You risk your health, you submit to the surgeon’s scalpel and there are no guarantees.

My husband and I had a long talk about what to do. In the end we decided to postpone the operation and try to find a cure. We ask for information from acquaintances. A colleague of my husband told me that his mother had been healed by a hereditary healer. He outlined where to find her.

We made a long trip (600 km one way), but we couldn’t meet the witch: the old woman had already died. Since she had no children, she shared her knowledge with a neighbor. She told us that horse chestnut, wormwood and chamomile would heal my veins.


Back home, I searched the Internet for remedies containing these plants. And it turned out that both these and other agents against varicose veins are contained in the cream Veniselle. He asks for it. And for good reason! The old woman had not been wrong!


After only two days of use of VeniselleI felt something tickling my shins. It is difficult to describe in words, as if the ants were running from one side to another. And at the same time the swelling has disappeared.

After a week, my legs stopped hurting, even if I put pressure on the bulge of varicose veins. The weight on my legs disappeared and it was much easier to walk. It was as if she was floating on air.


The long walks in the park, which my son likes so much, were a joy for both of us. We could run until dark!


I can’t say it was fast, but it has helped me and I have regained the shape of my legs. The lumps have dissolved. My veins have cleared up. The spider veins are gone and I can wear miniskirts and dresses again. It took me two months and three tubes ofVeniselle.




Lucia11 – 17.10.2022

Good day, Irene. I was really touched by reading your story. The ending forced a tear down my cheek, I[‘m so happy for you, take care! I’ll be recommending this cream to anyone with a similar problem.


Viksi – 17.10.2022

I’m 27 and I’m already experiencing second stage varicose veins. The only thing the phlebologists can come up with is surgery. I’d like to try this method instead, besides, it might work for me too.


JuliBMW520 · 17.10.2022

Get Veniselle and you won’t regret it! Get 2 containers right off the bat if you’re got varicose veins. I can’t say that it works instantly, but my varicose veins went away. The heaviness in my legs went away first. I even started wearing 3‑4in high heels. My legs stopped swelling. It took roughly a month for spiderweb veins to go away. Well, the knots and bumps on my legs took 3 months to completely go away, but they were huge. Now, I recommend this cream to everyone.


HappyMary · 18.10.2022

I know what you guys mean. I’m an event host. Moving around used to call me some much discomfort. I took pills and wrapped my leg in cabbage. All for nothing. Later, I found out about Veniselle. At first it didn’t work either. Then, I figured considering my condition that taking the supplement twice a day was better and I was right! It made me come to life! My treatment ended up lasting a little longer, it depends on how bad your condition is, check out my results:


Marissa55 · 18.10.2022

My varicose is rather clear. Three years ago I had an operation done on one of my legs. Now after giving birth, the veins in the other leg got bright. I understand that surgery isn’t an option at this point, but nothing the doctor recommended helped.


Anastasia · 18.10.2022

The same thing happened with me too. My legs puffed out specifically during pregnancy. My veins stretch out over my legs. Well, I suppose I’m a little guilty for putting on 59lb. I bought different creams before but they didn’t do me any good.


TrulyDina77 · 18.10.2022

They don’t help because you never really know what’s inside those creams. The entire area’s local health care system is so corrupt! Pharmaceutical companies pay to make sure their products get sold even though they just sell harmful substances and nothing good. The company that pays the most ends up having their product sold the most. I know what I’m talking about. My mother died because of bad medicine..and she could’ve lived..


NoName · 19.10.2022

What are you talking doing? You can’t blame your mother’s death on pharmacies..No offense, but maybe you should’ve taken her to a better clinic?? This cream, Veniselle, is totally awesome! I saw how effective it worked for my sister. Her legs make her look like a little girl, but she’s actually already 48.


874666772 · 19.10.2022

I got my package. I’m reading the ingredients on it, they’re all natural. I’ll test it out and write about my results later. I hope it works!


Victory8888888 · 19.10.2022

My aunt had surgery done to remove knotted veins and thrombosis. It went well and everything seemed ok, but it came back again 2 years later.


NastyFlower · 19.10.2022

I don’t know, maybe you just had an incompetent surgeon? My sister hasn’t had any trouble for seven years after having her surgery. We might not had done that surgery if we had known about this cream before.


Daryna · 20.10.2022

I’ve heard about this cream before too. They say it’s great.


Violetta00 · 20.10.2022

I’ve been using this cream, Veniselle, for three months now. Believe it or not, it gradually made blue spiderweb veins, inflammation, knots and bumps all go away. As proof I’m attaching these before and after pics:


NikolettaDDD · 20.10.2022

Ladies, thanks for all the reviews! I’ll order this cream right now. I’ve put up with this terrible vein condition on my legs for long enough, and I’m too afraid to do the surgery 🙁 What if they screw it up?…I have a family.